Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My 6 year old had to have some teeth removed that were baby teeth that never came through, and were blocking the permanent ones from coming down. He also had an extra baby tooth. Staff was very helpful on the day of the consultation and Dr. Parker was very good to explain in detail prior to surgery. His hygienist was very helpful in calming my nerves as a worried mama. She is also a mama so having that really helped calm my nerves prior to his surgery. The surgery took place today at Medical park hospital. The staff there were very helpful, kind, and compassionate towards my son and myself. Dr. Parker was very good to him and you can tell he cares deeply about his patients. My son is only 6 and he handled today like a champ. The waking up part was a little rocky! The office called just now to check on him and make sure things were going well. Taking kids to an adult dr or dentist can be very scary but this experience was very positive! I definitely recommend him for children of any age or adults!

- Whirney R

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