As faces age many changes occur. Skin begins to sag due to the effects of gravity and loss of underlying fat. The fat that used to be located in the cheeks falls into the lower face and becomes what we know as jowls. Not everyone ages at that the same rate, so there is no ideal age to have a facelift. The best time to have a consultation is when you no longer like what you see when you look at your face in the mirror. This could be in your 30’s or in your 80’s! A facelift can help “turn back the clock” by tightening loose skin in the jowls, neck and jaw line. During your consultation, Dr. Biggerstaff will discuss your particular condition, your expectations and the probable outcome of various treatment options. You will be shown in a mirror the changes that can be accomplished. Before and after photos will be taken to document your results.

facelift before and after

Facelift surgery is performed with intravenous anesthesia. Initial recovery time is approximately 10 days. After the initial 10 days you will be able to wear makeup and return to normal activity. Patients are required to wear a facial pressure dressing for 7 days following the surgery and an additional 7 days just at night. Incisions for facelift surgery are all well hidden within the hairline and behind the ears. Stitches will be removed after 1 week. Patients should expect to have some bruising and swelling, but little to no pain. Patients will experience temporary numbness and tingling of the skin in front of the ears and scalp behind the ears. It is important to remember that healing is a gradual process. 2 weeks after surgery you will be able to appreciate the improvements in your face, however, it will be several weeks before healing is complete and final results are evident.

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Facelift Case Study Facelift Case Study

Face of a woman

Face of a womanFace of a woman

Face of a woman