The most prominent feature of most faces is the nose. Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, whether it is the size they don’t like, the shape, or both. In some cases the shape of a nose has been changed due to a traumatic event. Other patients complain of difficulty breathing through their nose. All of these problems can be addressed with nasal surgery. Dr. Biggerstaff performs rhinoplasty surgery to reshape the nose. Her goal is to enhance and improve the appearance of the nose without creating an unnatural “operated-on” look. Dr. Biggerstaff performs septoplasty to correct breathing problems due to a deviated nasal septum.

Before Surgery


Consultation regarding rhinoplasty is important so that Dr. Biggerstaff can discuss your concerns about your nose. During the consultation appointment Dr. Biggerstaff will use digital photographs and computer imaging to evaluate your face and predict desired results.

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Nasal Surgery

This type of surgery is usually performed under intravenous anesthesia otherwise known as “twilight sleep”. Most incisions are made inside the nose where they are unnoticeable. The skin, cartilage and bone are then sculpted by Dr. Biggerstaff to the desired new shape. You will go home after surgery with a small splint over your nose to help protect it while it is healing. You will also have small nasal packings in place that will be removed the day after surgery. Other cosmetic procedures can be completed at the same time as nasal surgery, so if you have other concerns about your face please ask what Dr. Biggerstaff can do to help!


Most patients will be back to normal activity after 5-7 days. The splint and sutures will be removed at your 1 week post-operative appointment. Swelling and bruising will be attenuated by using ice and by keeping your head elevated after surgery. Almost all swelling will be gone after about 2 weeks. Nose bleeds are common for the first few days after surgery. Strenuous activities and contact sports should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery.