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Posterior Maxillary Implant Case

This was a nice posterior maxillary (upper jaw) implant case done by Dr. Biggerstaff. This involved a 67 year old woman who had fractured tooth #13 (upper left maxillary second premolar).  Her dentist extracted the residual root and the socket was not bone grafted at the time (usually most sockets are bone grafted if a […]

Impacted Canine Exposure and Bracketing Case

This was a nice case that was done by Dr. Biggerstaff and involved a deeply impacted permanent canine tooth.  The patient was referred for exposure and bracketing of an impacted canine – tooth #11 (permanent left maxillary canine) – by her orthodontist when she was 13 years old.  The canine was very high in the […]

Coronectomy Case Study – Third Molar Case and Biopsy

This case done by Dr. Wes Parker illustrates why it’s a good idea to have your third molars (wisdom teeth) evaluated by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and possibly removed.  This was a 61 year old female who presented with pain and pericoronitis (a soft tissue infection commonly associated with wisdom teeth). She had an […]

A Complex Extraction and Implant Case Involving the Maxillary Sinus

It amazes us how well people can heal sometimes.  This case, done by Dr. Wes Parker, involved a 45 year old male who was referred for a carious, necrotic (dead) tooth #14 (upper left first molar).  The patient also reported left sided sinus pressure and drainage. At his consultation, we obtained a Cone Beam CT […]